The world is but a stage...

We are all performers. How we act our part of the play molds our destiny. In the greatest story of our lives, it is us who defines what ending we will get. Will we, or will we not have our happily ever after?

A Lesson on Apathy

We are trapped in a prison with the TV and/or computer as our warden. We see people suffering and exclaim " The people/groups/government/voluntary organizations should do something." And the act stops there. Before long, we tend to forget all about it so that we don't have to do something. After all, we always say, "we can't do anything. We are just the common people."

However, we should remember that in the past, others have acted for what they believe should be done, even if they belong to no organization. If they succeeded, we call them patriots, or heroes. If they lose, they generally become the villains, or rebels. And anyone has to be in an organization to act, and everybody expects that organization to do the job.

But have we forgotten how these organizations started? No tree grows from nothing, each group or organization started from a seed, an idea, or an advocacy raised by a single person, and then agreed upon by the others, the people who choose to act in accordance to what they are supporting for.

Today, no one is thinking of raising an idea openly because of the risk of being ridiculed. Instead, all of us is resorting to exclaiming to ourselves, or writing down our grumbles in this far off places where "Big Brother" cannot put us to detention or something like that. (I am referring to the Orwellian Big Brother here guys, not any reality games). The question used to be "what should be done?". Now the question that everyone seems to ask is "Who should do it?" and if nothing is done, then all of us wants to find someone or something who we could point our fingers to.

The age of technology brings with it apathy. Should we sought for who to blame? Or shall we start asking ourselves if we want to be like this forever?

A Lesson on Appreciation

I was so, so busy, I think I'm becoming a primitive woman from not taking time off from my desktop. What's keeping me sane is a regular break from my laptop and my various works, and reading "The Storyteller's Minute" every time I go to sleep. Its a great book, almost as inspiring as "Chicken Soup for the Soul".
There's something I've read from that book that I wanted to share with everyone. It's about appreciation, and I'm trying to lodge it in my head to serve as a reminder to always show that I appreciate the efforts of people around me and to tell them constantly about it, because I myself wants to be appreciated. Here it is.

Many people aren't aware of how helpful their presence is.
Many people don't know how encouraging their pleasant smile is.
Many people don't know how good it is just to see them.
Many people don't know how much poorer we would be without them.
Many people don't know how important it is that they are simply there.
Many people don;t know that they are a gift from heaven.
But they would know it--if we told them!
Sounds like a good reminder, isn't it? So to everyone who made me who I am right now, and to everyone who have helped me in any way, for everyone who has touched my life...


Return of the Comeback

Yes, I'm back. For good, hopefully.

It's been ages since my last post in here! I've been out for too long, and I missed this blog. I've been through a lot, I learned a lot too.

I have been too busy for a while (okay, that would be more than a while...hehe), I had a lot of stuffs going on with my life that I barely had time for anything else. And now that I'm back, I'm going to compensate ( will, I've got to try, at least, although I'm not saying it's easy) for the times I've been gone.

Anyway, I created my very own Wordpress blog, it's entitled "...Over a Cup Of Coffee". It's doing fine, considering that it's been only a few days old. Hope you get to visit it, and tell me what you think about it by leaving some comments. :)

Bye for now, I'll write again later. :D

Vietnam Rose

If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?
-- Lily Tomlin

I like this quote. I read it in one blog, and I thought it fits with the picture I took of a flower in a school last summer.

I don't really know the real name of this flower, but I remember that we used to call it Vietnam Rose when we were in elementary. It really is lovely right? We call it rose, but I don't know if it's a real rose. It does not bloom from a shrub unlike the roses, it's a vine, actually. and you would really love seeing it grow on the ground.

You can plant it from a stem, it grows real fast. We used to put like a rose in the hair, and pretend we're Rosalindas, the flower-selling beauty which was Thalia, in a Mexican soap opera.

Do you believe in love?

Some say love is nothing but a fiction, a hope and trust that you cling to for security reasons, a solution for the social need to have someone.

At some points it is right. But it's just like saying that friendship is nothing but a social responsibility, and faith is a blind, illogical explanation of something unexplainable. If love is to be treated that way, and so are friendship and faith, then life is nothing but a dry existence, no purpose, no essence, not living at all. I don't want to see life that way. So I believe in love. It makes you appreciate the colors of a rainbow, instead of assessing the rainbow just as a bended light, a refraction, and nothing more.

Faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. Just like Tinkerbell's pixie dust, love can make you fly, as long as you believe in it.

A Non-Fan's Tribute to the King of Pop

When I was a little kid, there are times when I would wish I was dead, so that I can see my family and friends cry over my body murmuring words of their appreciation for my genius (ahemm, I was a kid, a kid could dream!) and remember the good deeds I have done, then I would tauntingly exclaim “I told you I was important!”. Then realization would burst that weirdly happy bubble: I could not mock at them, or even see them, coz my eyes would be rotting in my coffin together with my body.

Honestly, I used to think that I was the only the unappreciated person, until I saw my Uyang lying in her coffin, with people all over the house talking about how good she was to them. I wonder, did Uyang knew that she was this important to these many people?

Now, with the death of Michael Jackson, the same question popped in my head: Did Michael Jackson knew he was this important to these many people?

Funny how some people only show how much they really appreciate you when you die. When Michael Jackson was alive, I had only known him by his name and his songs, and the issues thrown against him. I grew up to his songs, but I also heard of rumors of his pedophile acts and that “baby-out-the-window” stunt of his. I loved his songs, no doubt about that, but I hated his “personality”.
I thought I knew everything about him by then, and that everybody thinks like me. So his death should have been just like that of a villain’s death. I was surprised by how the mass reacted. News networks all over the world featured everything about him reported almost every detail of his death, and millions of fans (I knew he had lots and lots of fans, but I never knew he had this much!) thirstily asking for more about him. I thought that was just about it. But as if to really taunt me, I read in an article that Michael Jackson’s death also sent shockwaves in the virtual world. Hundreds, no, thousands of articles are written about him in just a few days. His songs and albums, old or new, topped the charts in a snap. Some search engines almost bogged down. And then everyone's talking about how good he was back when he was alive, and passed his not-so-good issues as just the eccentric sides of an artist.

I never knew he was this much appreciated. Maybe he doesn’t know too. I heard he was hooked to painkillers for some time as his way of coping up with the negative issues that was throwing him down, with one really killing his pain for good this time. One good thing about his death is that now he doesn’t have to suffer much criticisms on what he is doing, since he can’t do anything wrong anymore, with that stiff body of his safe in his coffin. Many are wishing that he is still alive, that he could have continued trying to “Heal the World” and assuring that “You are Not Alone”. But his death could have been the way to make his critics realize that he might be "THE MICHAEL JACKSON", but he’s still human, and humans could err, as humans could die. I sure do know that now.

I hope that his death teaches everyone a lesson, just as my Uyang’s death had taught me. We can't wait until they are dead, before we show our appreciation to our loved ones, family, and friends. We never know when someone needs to know they are appreciated. I'm sure MJ would have wanted us all to know that.

Waiting for the Powerpuff Girls

I contemplated on the recent bombing incident here in Iligan City as I was reading a friend’s status post in Facebook stating that some rebels declared that soldiers should leave our city to end the chaotic situation. As I scrolled down, I saw someone comment that as long as there would be Sailormoon, it would be okay. I read further, and arrived at a comment that Powerpuff Girls should be able to protect us.

It is funny, in a way. But don’t you think it’s also pathetic, how we end up wishing for superheroes?

Maybe the said comments are just jokes. I also considered that. But think about it. People would probably really wish that these superheroes are true, even if they were as cute and frail-looking as the Powerpuff Girls, if that would mean any attempt to create chaos would be prevented, and if anyone would succeed in creating a chaotic situation, someone or some group of superheroes would save the day.

I must admit, I am one of those people I’m referring to as wishing for superheroes. Pathetic? Yes, maybe. I know there ain’t any, but one could dream. It gives hope to the bigger dream I have, and that is achieving real and lasting peace.

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